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Construction of the shop building continues as the exterior walls and roof have been completed. This building will provide much needed work space to maintain the ranch equipment and infrastructure as well as providing a training ground for residents interested in mechanical work. Although most of the funds for the building have already been donated, an additional $7,000 is needed to finish the interior of the building.

Shop Building Rises



Work on the shop building has started with the placement of an earthen pad for the foundation. Footings for the floor slab were started but a little rain halted the work until next week. Steel delivery is expected in early June.

Shop Building Progresses

We are pleased to announce that donations have covered most of the cost for the building with only $11,000 remaining to be raised.



The first revival meeting led by Renewal ranch was held at the invitation of First Baptist Church, Beebe, on April 28-May 1. Hearts were touched, all were blessed, and 8 people made decisions to follow Christ.

Revival at Beebe

In addition, 3 of the residents at Renewal Ranch were saved this same week. The picture below shows Dean being baptized the following week with Taylor and Ernie in the background. Renewal Ranch appreciates the gracious invitation of FBC, Beebe, to participate in this meeting and for their generous love offering.

Revival at Beebe