Renewal Ranch is located on approximately 105 acres in Perry County, Arkansas, approximately 10 minutes west of the Conway city limits.

The campus consists of three distinct areas commonly referred to as “The Ridge, The Bottoms, and The Wedge”. The 19 acres on the north side of the property was acquired in January 2013 and use of this area has not been incorporated into the master plan for the campus.

The Ridge. There is a 4-bedroom home located in this area. The home is used to house the Assistant Director and his family. A walking trail around the pond is under construction by the residents.

Picture of home at Renewal Ranch

The Bottoms. The Bottoms is 54 acres located in the floodway of the Arkansas River. Since it is in the floodway, vertical construction (buildings) is not allowed. This portion of the campus will be used for agriculture purposes. A garden has been planted and maintained by the residents in this area, and hay is harvested for sale.

The Wedge. The Wedge is a small area (8.8 acres) located north of the pond. A bunkhouse constructed in 2010 is located in this area. It is a 6-bedroom facility with a kitchen, living area, and large meeting room.

Second Bunkhouse. A 3-bedroom house located on the 19-acres acquired in January 2013 was easily converted into a second bunkhouse, providing some much needed relief to the overcrowding in the original bunkhouse.

Third Bunkhouse. The middle bunkhouse is a 6 bedroom duplex that opened in January 2015. It provides much needed bed space for 11 men. By making a good buy and utilizing residents and volunteers from Central Baptist Church, we completed and furnished this unit for about $45 a square foot. We are blessed!

The Shop. The shop is used to teach residents a trade, to maintain Renewal Ranch vehicles and equipment, to connect with the community as an Outreach tool and because it has a two bedroom apartment it also helps when there is a lack of bed space.

Efficiency Apartment. A 24x30 apartment was added to the back of the garage near the lower bunkhouse. It allows the chaplain and special guests a private space to do counseling, provides a library for the men, and provides much needed staff and small group meeting space. Donated materials, furnishings and some free labor allowed us to finish this project for about $30 a square foot. We are so blessed.

Bathhouse: Construction of this bathhouse was completed in July of 2015! This bathhouse contains toilets, showers and washer/dryers along with additional storage space.

While visitors are welcome to visit the campus, advance permission is required from the Executive Director except on Saturday mornings for chapel service. Chapel services are open to the public.