The Board of Directors approved a master plan for the 93-acre campus in February 2013, culminating a 2-year effort. Based on input from ranch personnel, Rik Sowell Architects of Conway prepared the drawing below that shows anticipated development. In January 2013, a 19-acre plot immediately north of the campus was acquired, and use of this property will be determined in a future supplement to the master plan. The expanded campus totals 112 acres.

The only two permanent buildings constructed to date are the 4-bedroom house near the entrance and the bunkhouse located on the north side of the lake. The following facilities are planned for the fully developed campus:

a. Eleven bunkhouses are planned on the ridge and are shown as the red buildings on the drawing. Each bunkhouse will contain 10 bedrooms for residents, a suite for the bunkhouse leader, a bathroom, and a classroom/living area. Each bunkhouse is approximately 4,000 sq. ft.
b. A multipurpose building shown in aqua that will house a gym that can be used as a chapel for 500 people, a kitchen, and dining hall.
c. An office building shown in yellow for staff offices and administrative personnel.
d. A maintenance building shown in dark blue that will provide storage and an indoor work area for maintaining equipment.
e. A hillside amphitheater with a stage at the edge of the lake to provide a venue for outdoor concerts.
f. A playground for young children visiting their Dads.
g. A large pavilion for outdoor gatherings and Saturday visitation.
h. Numerous ball fields for recreation activities.
i. Walking trails for exercise and meditation.

This is a long-term plan that may take years to accomplish. Demand for facilities to help men with addictions is great, but so is our God. We look to the future with great expectations and hope that God will restore the lives of many men on this campus.